Are you a Heartbreaker in On-line Dating?

There will be a point when you may become a heartbreaker in the relationship and you will do this through the e-mail or message if you are into on-line dating. You should remember that feeling of being rejected is not pleasant and can be really hurtful. No matter if you say you two are incompatible on-line or offline. So, a good dating advice that can help you is making it clear and definite!

Never say you want to remain friends, because in most of the cases it is not the situation that your guy/girl sees in perspective. Think if you really want to remain friends while you are into a dating scene with the other people. If you can, then it is ok. However, the best dating tips is making a clear break. Be direct, but be nice and kind. It is better not to play games and make another person think you are interested in him/her when you are not. The sooner you tell the truth the better! Thus, you two would be able to get on in your dating lives.

If a person wants to know why you are a heartbreaker this time, then be honest, but tell things kindly. If you don’t feel you two are compatible after several letters on-line, it is better to write in a polite form you don’t think you two can make a couple. If the person gets angry, you better be off with him/her. At least, you conscience is clear.

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