Dating A Sugar Momma: How To Get Started?

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The concept of sugar dating has been around since social stratification came into existence: practically, sex has always been up for trade, whether crudely and honestly for money, or for other good things out there. Come to think of it, sexual pleasure both partners derive from each other is an exchange of sorts, is it not? Further on, in any marriage where sex has become routinely, it is being used as a coin as often as not. In relationships that have existed long enough and the thrill of it has started to flag, it is habitual for one party to concede to having sex more often than when it happens according to the genuine desire of engaging in a good old roll in the hay.

So all things considered, there is nothing new (or wrong) being open and honest about your intentions of starting a casual relationship for being wined, dined and generally taken care of financially. Traditionally, such behavior is attributed and more accepted in females. This article focuses on the other side of the equation – males offering their youth, good looks and strong sexual stamina in exchange for material support of older (not necessarily much older) females. Because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, at least in theory, right?

Why Find A Sugar Momma?

The motifs behind looking for an older partner in dating are as versatile as the mechanism behind having particular image of an ideal partner. Here it should be noted that sugar dating tends to be a temporary thing for most people engaged in it. Of course, the most obvious reason motivating a person to look for this type of relationships is pecuniary – many younger males arrive to the conclusion that as long as they have a pretty face and athletic build, they could as well trade them for a little bit of financial security or at least a helping hand of a woman who is prepared to pay for having a hot male by her side.

The perks of dating a cougar are obvious: you get very little to do other than looking pretty and being prepared to satisfy the woman sexually. As long as you have a choice to pick the hottest of the litter, there shouldn’t be any particular problem with the latter. And frankly, with hormones of youth racing, who would complain about sex being practically thrown at them?

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Women who have reached a certain level of maturity and social status have a very alluring air about them. Most of successful women are great in taking care of their bodies and appearances in general, they are sophisticated and have all the means in the world to afford the best groomers, and this accounts for something. They are also darn good in bed, they know what they want, how they want it and most of them have come to terms with their bodies, gaining this sexy confidence that many younger women lack. Let’s say, they are open to pretty much anything, which is a great turn on for any male.

Dating a sugar momma means being taken to the best venues of your city, and sometimes even accompanying her on luxurious vacceys – if you are good at what you do and if you are lucky enough to land yourself a momma willing to take you places.
A nice recount of things to do in order to succeed with older women is given at – the page will basically walk you through the most important things to do and to consider when embarking on the journey of sugar dating.

What It Takes To Find A Sugar Momma?

We will not lie to you: not anyone is cut to be a “cub” – this is the term applied to younger males engaged in sugar dating. And the first thing you need to have in order to land yourself an older lover of good financial means is good looks. Strong sexual build is the next item on the list. But this is not all there is to it – one needs to know what the targeted group of women want, which is being empathetic, polite and courteous to begin with.

But this is not all there is to it: you need to be prepared to give the reins to the woman and succumb to her will entirely. We are not saying that every cougar out there is exactly a dominatrix or a lady boss, but most of them will probably want to boss you around. To them, it is a way to experience full control over the relationship and their partner; many of them need a reprieve from powerful men they are surrounded by at work or have the legacy of from their previous relations. If you are not prepared to do this and even find your masculinity threatened by a bossy partner, sugar dating is not for you.

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How To Find A Sugar Momma

If you have weighed all the factors in the equation and you are certain that you can follow through with dating a cougar, the question is how to find a sugar momma? One way of approaching the problem is investing time and money in chasing rich older women in high-end parts of the city, attending art galleries, concerts, theaters, luxury bars and restaurants. The downside of this approach is that you will need to cough up some money initially to get yourself onto the scene. Another point against this method is that you will need to do quite a bit of legwork in order to find what you are looking for.

It is here that sugar momma dating apps seem to be extremely handy – they give the much appreciated clarity to your every interaction, driving up the efficiency thereof. You clearly state your intentions in your profile, and the women that choose you for a hookup do the same. Try Rich Sugar Momma & Sugar Baby, Sugar Mommas Love or Seeking – they are free, effective and remain the best way of hooking up with the kind of dating you set your mind on.