Evolution of swingers

sexy swingerWhenever the word swinger is uttered, images of hippie couples that are willing to explore new sexual grounds are conjured immediately. However, today’s swingers are much different to this antiquated stereotype. Swingers have evolved dramatically since the 70’s, which is probably why it is now more popular than ever. Modern swingers are usually interested about the excitement of getting to enjoy another couple in bed while still getting to enjoy the benefits of having their own partners.

Many journals and publications oriented around sexuality are reporting that swingers are now more popular than ever thanks to technology. It is now possible to find new partners because couples can easily seek for options online, for example, websites like www.swinger-nation.co.uk ; in less than a minute, swingers can access to thousands of profiles of people looking for the same kind of adventures as they do. Ever since online dating websites appeared, swinger activity has exploded all over the globe.

What’s so unique or alluring about the swinger lifestyle? Many sexuality experts that have studied swinger couples suggest that they are generally happier in their relationships, which comes as a surprise to couples that believe that swinging is some kind of sexual perversion.sexgirl

Interestingly enough, sexual exploration is one of the most common recommendations that therapists make when married couples ask them for advice. This is probably because emotional vulnerability extremely high when a couple engages in sexual activity. When sex happens, there’s nothing to use as a source of comfort apart from your partner. Many sexuality experts mention that because swingers are so open about their sexual requirements, it builds higher level of bonding that normal couples aren’t able to achieve.

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In a study published by a sexual journal back in 2009 mentions that 50 swinger couples were interviewed to study their lifestyle and habits; surprisingly enough, only one of those 50 said they’ve had an affair during their relationship. Experts mention that this is mostly because swingers tend to stay sexually satisfied within their own relationship and with their swinging partners (swingers couples know with who their partner is interacting in sexual activity) they don’t have the need most people do to find sexual satisfaction from others without the knowledge of their current partner.