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Free online dating

People who spend much time online see annoying ads of russian dating agencies and services every day. We understand that and we know what you feel seeing another bright window popping up and inviting you to the land of sex or to any other place where you’ll get any women you like.

Such websites are nothing more but just scam which should be avoided. The saddest thing is that people usually need to pay to make an account in such a dating service full of fake profiles. Sometimes users even lose money after entering their credit card data.

Therefore we have decided to make registration on absolutely free for everyone. We are not going to charge you whenever you decide to create an account. In order to protect our users from scam and fraud we made it possible to access the catalogues of Russian women’s profiles only after registration.

Such measures let us get sure that all profiles belong to real people. We constantly monitor users’ activity on our website. Such an approach lets us prevent creation of fake accounts and other bad things. Security is our top priority and making an account on you may rest assured that you will be chatting with real Russian ladies.

What kind of women register on

Times when women from poor countries used men from the West as a cash cow passed away. We hope the passed away forever. Anyway, Russia is not that bad place to live and women who set accounts on usually have other reasons to look for a foreign partner.

They like traveling and exploring, they feel bored living in one city or village for their whole life and just want to get something more. Quite many of them are fascinated with certain countries like France, Germany, the USA etc. It means that those Russian ladies probably speak the language of the country they would like to move to. They are smart and open-minded, so you don’t have to be too inventive and creative – just send a message to any girl you like and she will reply. Clever girls don’t wait for something extraordinary from you, they just want to chat with a handsome and kind man.
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Russian women are very hard-working and determined. They always get what they want one way or another. So it’s not surprising that all girls who have profiles on speak very good English. You may start conversation in English without any hesitation – it’s not a problem for an educated woman from Russia to speak your language.

Does a virtual romance have any future?

It definitely does. Hundreds of couples who once met online get married every day. We are sure you can ask your friends and they will recall somebody who found his or her significant other on the Internet. Social media and forums are good for meeting new people too, but a dating website has a great advantage as there are only people who are in search of a partner. So you don’t need to thing too long on how to approach a pretty woman and what to say. By the way, Russian women don’t hesitate to contact men first! So there is a good probability for you to get picked up by a hot girl from the North! Are you ready? Then it’s time to create a free account on!