Happy Russian marriage

rusmatchgirlRichard a forty three years old realtor from California, who is also an actor and producer, and in the spare time he creates short movies, which are aimed to show his talents. He has his own ideas about a happy marriage.

I kept wondering why do i want to date with a girl from Eastern Europe, and i realized, that it is because i am sick and tired of all the feminist habits of American women. For American woman the most important thing is her career, she is very serious about saying that if in their family will appear a child, than her husband is the one who will watch the kid, because she has to attend certain professional heights, which by the way has become a reason due to which i broke up with a woman. I consider that European women have a thinner structure, and they are more educated. And that is today’s reality. European women know about world and about life more things than the students of American colleges who are “stuck” on brand clothes, cosmetics and tabloids which are retelling the life of the celebrities.

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I will not argue with the fact that American women, especially here in California look good, they are sporty and know how to take care of them, but in the moment when they open their mouth, i suddenly lose my interest towards them. What can I discuss with a stupid woman?! Eventually sex is a very important thing, but I cannot do it for twenty four hour/ seven days a week, there are other important things in my life.russiansoul

I am sure that there are difficulties in relationships with European women as well, and the language barrier is the less of the possible problems. The difference between cultures and home discipline- this is a significant argument. The other important obstacle which people rarely talk about is the difference between the size of the cities in which the American man and the Russian woman grew up in. My native city is three times bigger from the one, my current Ukrainian girlfriend is. She had everything she needed right nearby, her home, studying, grocery, cinema and so on, she could walk till the place by her feet. While in the United States car- is a necessity, as everything is situated on a significant distance, the public transportation is rare, and doesn’t go to all the needed places. When i was visiting my girl in her native city in Ukraine, i felt myself not comfortable. The things she considered as cute and cozy (5 minutes walking to the cinema, and three minutes walking to the grocery) were irritating me. And when she was visiting me in America she was resented by the fact that everything is situated so far away, and she needs a car even in order to buy a cabbage, not to mention going to the cinema.

So if judging upon the beauty of Russian and Ukrainian girls, than there can be one single answer, they all are very and very beautiful. They take care of their face and body, and there is no even one single detail left without their consideration, as they are perfectly aware of the fact that those are the things men turn their attention upon, in the first place. Though for me it is more interesting the thing which is called “Russian soul”- the unique character and soul full of compassion, kindness, care, views and opinions. No matter how those women introduce themselves, and no matter how adjusted they get to the country they live in, their Russian soul is always the thing that makes them so special and never changes. They are not stuck only on their physical appearance, but upon their spiritual beauty, they are like radiating from inside. Men notice and feel that, as this kind of girl is always a special one, and she is easy to see in a crowd of people.

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