How to date black women over 50?

mature woman

People of all ages want some love and they still deserve some romance regardless of their age, social status or race. Female black singles over 50 are not an exception. Learn more about mature people dating and how to attract such a woman.

Why a mature woman would date a younger guy

Note that not every black woman of age would like to date a younger man. Most of them have a particular spectrum of 10 years younger or older. Too young men can easily be the same age as her son or daughter and it’s sounds like kids stuff that they’re totally against. However, don’t be surprised if you ever see a 50 years old woman dating a 30 years man, and they’re happy together.

The thing is, they both are mature, and they know what exactly they want from their partner and life in general. They can talk things over in case of any misunderstandings and resolve all the issues wisely. Moreover, for a woman it’s a great advantage in terms of sex life since most of the men of her age give up on this important sphere of relationships. A younger partner makes her feel beautiful, young and fresh, giving her all the pleasures she might want.

In turn, mature black singles over 50 are dedicated loyal partners who cares about her man pretty much. She’s very experienced in life and she’s great in household. For those men who’re tired of dating random women, an older partner is a great choice.

Misconceptions about dating an older woman

There’re many common mistakes or better to say, misunderstanding that younger men have about dating older women. Here are the major ones:

First of all, most young man have a fanciful idea that an older woman is some kind of a sexual predator, that she just eats up younger men or has sex all the time. So if you see a powerful self-possessed woman, who’s confident about herself, the common assumption is that she’s a sexual seductress. This is completely wrong. In reality, only 1 out of 100 mature women are that mush into sex. Only one out of 100 has those appetite, and it’s very rare! In reality these women are more philosophical and spiritual than you think. They acquired much wisdom through their lives, and sex isn’t the only thing in life they’re concerned of. A lot of young guys have that idea, but in reality, the older she is, the less it is true.

mature woman

Also there is a preconceived idea that younger men have nothing to offer an older woman. This is an especially important point. Younger guys look at older women who’s already got themselves together and feel kind of insecure. Moreover, if you’re interested in her, it means you put her in some kind of a pedestal in your mind, and you might believe in the image that does not exist in reality. You look at her with much respect, because she achieved many things, accomplished pretty much in her life. What would she probably find in a young guy who has nothing to offer? You’re completely wrong! If you’re 10-20 years younger, you just didn’t have time to achieve anything serious yet. Or she might have had a very successful husband and didn’t really work, or she’s some creative person who doesn’t work in its common sense.

Thinking this way younger men are making themselves somebody she wouldn’t want. The thing is, a woman who’s already got enough money and power, don’t want a guy who’d put his work before her. What she wants from you is basically attention, dedication, young spirit that will help her stay young as well. Young men seriously undervalue themselves thinking they have nothing to offer a mature woman. If you want to meet mature black women, just be yourself, connect with her, look to find her and to speak to her. Don’t try to look older, to posture like you’re more than you are. Be yourself and make her feel young and careless.

How to approach her?

First of all, build up some confidence. Black men’s approach is pretty upfront. They usually inform about their desire to date a woman immediately. White men are kind of more insecure. If she’s irresponsive, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s uninterested in you. Maybe your goal just isn’t clear to her. She might have no idea that you’re willing to date her, so don’t be so subtle and tell her directly that you’re interested, just be bold.

Hair is a big deal

Mot many men are aware of that, but black women’s hair is a big deal. The care and styling is much more complicated and different, and she puts much effort to make her hair look good. You don’t have to learn all those details but just remember one thing: never ask a black woman if her hair is natural. She might do whatever with her hair, your goal is to just compliment it and not to ask any further questions as it’s considered as rude behavior.

Watch out for racism

If you’re dating a black woman, of course this question will pop up one day. It’s stupid to deny the racist thing as black people believe that every white person is a little bit racist at least unconsciously. If you don’t want to offend your woman, just say something like this: “I understand that for an American white person it’s almost impossible not to be a little bit of racist. I’m just trying to be more conscious about this topic, and if I ever say something stupid, please let me know, as I really want to respect you”. Over 50 black women will especially appreciate your sincerity and wish to face the problem.

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