How to start a conversation on Tinder and get all attention

Specialists admit guys aren’t saying much on Tinder, while girls are always saying a lot. Experts actually recommend to switch these strategies and do the opposite, in order to attract more attention.

“Hi, how r u?” This formula is used too much and people are quite tired of it. It wakes no interest and can work only if the photos are extremely hot and model-looking, so avoid it.

“When r u free?” Although it’s good for a second or even third question, many use it as the first one. It’s easy to scare the folks away with such a direct phrase, so wait until there’s some trust.

“You look awesome”. It’s too frequent as well, but it’s better already and at the end, we all like to be flattered. By statistics, most of users would respond positively to such a statement.

“I’ll stay on all night for you”. Basically, people join Tinder to have sex. So, promising them a full hookup with the complete satisfaction is only logical, and attracts them the most.

“You’re one in a million”. It’s such a flattery, but it’s appropriate exactly on Tinder with millions of attractive users. Each one wants to feel special.


  1. When it comes to how to meet women online, the best places to start are community forums or Facebook communities.

  2. These allow you to create a network of potential women and develop rapport with them in the same way as you would in the real world.

  3. You should be yourself and avoid exaggerating your accomplishments to sound mysterious or cool.

  4. Also, make sure your grammar is spot-on, and don’t come across as ignorant or uneducated.

  5. Women want to feel respected and they won’t feel comfortable with an aggressive or sexist message from a man.

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