Russian bride getting married abroad.

Russian bride

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A long time ago when I was small I heard a story about the wonderful life in Norway, and that it is the best country ever for a woman, that is why i began being interested with this country, i read many articles about it in the internet, but the only conclusion that I got, was the fact it is good everywhere, besides our own home. By the time I turned thirty two i realized that i should forget about moving somewhere abroad, as who will need a divorced secretary with a twelve years old daughter with absolutely absent skills in learning English language, that is why I decided to write here about the issue that bothers me, probably i want to hear an advice from some other people.

Well the answer is simple probably this woman is planning to move to Norway by means of getting married with a person from Norway. That is why first of all she should think of finding a perfect person from Norway, of the marriage will be not a successful one, than life in that foreign country will become not a happy one as well. And if the marriage will be a successful one then the adaptation to the new country, new culture and new traditions will be also very easy, and will not require too many efforts. Probably life of the Russian immigrants in Norway is much easier than life in some other countries. But it is hard to give any advices here; the only thing that is certain that it is a must to study English, as well as it is a must to realize that everything is possible if thinking positively. And the age of thirty two years old is the age than learning the new language, as well as getting in touch with some new profession is not that hard and difficult as it seems to be on the first glance. The main rule is to believe that you can do it, this way you really will be able to do it.

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Of course there will be a lot of barriers, that you will have to face, and, that will limit your possibilities, that is the truth, and this is the way all of the immigrants are living their life. In the process of adaptation to a new country you always need to do something more than it seems you can do, and to achieve more, than you ever thought you will be able to. A good advice would be after arriving to a new country first of all to register on various websites in the country in the attempt of finding Russian friends in the country you are living in right now, as eventually there are a lot of women who are happily married abroad in each and every country of the world, and eventually they miss speaking Russian and having friends from their own dearest part of the Universe. While communicating with women who have went through the process that you only start going through will help and support you enough in order to be able to stand all the situations and have the strength to move on.

And also there will be an issue of finding a good enough school for the daughter, to speak enough with her and to support her so she wouldn’t miss her life in the place where she was born. There are so many issues to concentrate upon that will not allow being worried for something that doesn’t really deserve your attention and nerves.

And surely it will also help in the process of penetration to the new country’s life, culture and traditions, and if there will be moments when it will be too hard, it is important to speak with someone who is important and to be able to accept the care and support provided. People around might be more helpful, understanding and supporting you could ever think about them, but it is, important to know how to share your worries, and to be able to ask for help.