Russian Women and Romance/ How to Keep the Fires of Love Lit

russianwomenspersonalsRussian women are very romantic! It is not a secret for anyone! Romance is the thing that cannot be changed by geography! Women all over the world like romance. They enjoy it, disregards the place and time. Here are some tips to show that you care and want to make your Russian woman happy.

You are separated from your special woman by miles; to keep fire burning in long-distance relationship is not easy, but not impossible. So, with the miles between you and your beloved, persistence is the key to success! Make sure that you are aware of all the holidays she finds important. Learn more about her culture and country and find out what holidays Russian women like to celebrate, also bear in mind that some of them celebrate religious holidays and you may want to send her a surprise: a card, flowers, a box of chocolates, fruits or toys, etc. If you know all important dates ahead it will save you from your sentiment arriving late.

Another key to Russian women and their romance is her knowing you are sincere. Show her how serious you are about your relationship – arrange your visit to her country and share your plans with her. If your relationship won’t move from a virtual one and you never talk about the meeting, she will think you don’t plan to see her and consider her of no importance for you.


Another great contribution to romance for Russian women is a love letter. It can be quite simple, to make her feel special. Let her know how you feel about her, what your feelings and emotions are, how often you think of her. Genuine concern is the best romantic gesture!

Learn some phrases in Russian to impress her. You can start with her name in Russian and basic things to talk to her on the phone and make her smile. She will be pleased you are interested in her culture and country and appreciate your efforts of learning her native language.

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