Secret of happiness with a Russian bride

Romantic young couple sitting on divan and kissingThe secret of happiness is very simple; all you need is making some actions and being very honest about achieving the goals set. People should not be naive or easy believing, they need to be patient enough in order to wait for the right person, and accept something less than deserved in the fear of staying alone.

Here is the story of my friend Olga. She met her husband through a russian dating agency, which was seeking Russian brides for foreign grooms. While corresponding with a guy from America she felt shocked at first as he was telling her something like “hi baby”, or “i keep thinking of you, i want to cuddle you”, for her it was too much, as she was too used with talking only the business stuff.

Her first experience was an American man from Texas; they lived a one side love story, which was very quick and finished with a virus in Olga’s computer. After the American guy Frank, she began corresponding with Olivier from Paris, that was the moment when she was the one interested in the personal meeting, but it was never meant to happen, because as suddenly as he appeared in her life, same suddenly he disappeared.

So she cried for a little while, and after that decided it is the time to stop crying and to start moving on, and as soon as she started the new “wave” of searching, she found two new potential candidates to become her husband, one of them was from Great Britain, and the other one from Norway. To both of them, starting from the first letters she clearly shown that she is not looking for playmates, she made clear the fact that she is looking for a serious relationship only, and she is ready for creation of a family and having children, which is way she is not planning to correspond for too long, but after exchanging letters for a month or so, she is expecting a personal meeting. Both of them agreed, not with a thrill in their soul, but still agreed, and both of them invited me to visit them.


The first time she liked more the British man- John, as he was sincere with her, he told her that he hates his motherland, their weather and the government, for her it was difficult to understand his feelings, as she loved everything about London, but still was grateful for his honesty.

The guy from Norway, Hans Peter was mostly describing his attachment to the surrounding him hills and forests, and he wanted to show all this beauty to Olga as soon as possible, and at the same time he started very carefully planning her visit, starting with the invitation, and finishing with the arrangement of everything else, such as hotel, air tickets and everything else.

That was the point when Olga felt the difference between a real man whom she can stand like behind a strong wall (that was the type of man she always dreamed of) but who was not very romantic, and between a man who was very romantic, kept talking about a bunch of silly things, along with the complaints about his country, but was unable to show any kind of care and support. This way communication between John and Olga little by little came to its logical end.

Olga was not able to explore the representatives of the people from other countries, because as soon as she met Hans Peter in Norway, he did everything he could in order to not let her go, it is weird but as soon as she met him in his homeland, he has appeared in a totally new light to her, he was caring and charming. On her second visit to Norway, two months later he proposed to her, and Olga who was too careful and too much thinking her entire life has accepted the proposal without having a second thought about it.

I decided to share Olga’s story in order to support all the women who are desperately looking for their soul mate abroad.