The Best Way to Date Ukrainian Women

meet a Ukrainian lady


If you are looking to date the Ukrainian woman for real and you are nervous about it as you have never had experience in this field, this article is for you. Here you will learn about the best ways of dating Ukrainian women and alluring them.

First Greeting

When you meet a Ukrainian lady for the first time it is customary to shake hands, not kissing her on her cheeks or what is worse on her lips. Do not shake her hand firmly (as you do not want to hurt her delicate hands), but also not too softly (you do not want to look a weak man). Give her a pleasant handshake looking into her eyes showing your open and honest intentions.

 First Date

When getting ready for the first date make sure you dress appropriately in accordance with the place you are heading to. The best idea is taking your lady to the place, where you can relax and talk in a friendly and cozy ambiance. A café or restaurant makes a great choice. Still, you can show your creativity knowing particular taste of your date. Do not forget to bring flowers as women from Ukraine love receiving them and this shows romantic intentions on your part.


Recollect chivalry as it is the key to success! Here the traditional relationship between men and women is being practiced. In Slavic society men open doors, helps with chairs, taxi, coats, etc.sexukrwomen


Slavic men always pay for Slavic women they invite to a date. This means a lady will never pay for her meal, if she is out with her male friends, relatives, husband or boyfriend. If you refuse paying for your lady’ bill, she will consider you greedy and will not be seeing you again. This is one of the most important cultural differences you should know.

Take Control

Do not be surprised that you will always be examined in contrast to the local men by Ukraine women.  And you need to know there are qualities that these women do not find appealing such as abuse of alcohol and physical violence (this is what they run away from in their local men). They look for a caring, loving heart, strong personality and generous nature. When you arrange a date, take control over the situation making sure your lady gets enough of your attention.

Say it Right

Take your time and learn Russian or Ukrainian. This is the biggest mistake many men make, not thinking that the language barrier is one of the reasons why many international relationships fail. To improve your chances with Ukrainian women, learn to speak either Russian or Ukrainian. You will notice the drastic difference right away.

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