What differs Bucharest women from other Romanian ladies and how to conquer them

relating to Romanian beauties

You probably know that dating girls who live in capitals has its own special features. It’s fair also relating to Romanian beauties who live in Bucharest.

Ancient architecture, buildings of the Communistic regime and modern high-tech hotels and nightclubs are somehow combined in the capital of Romania. It is often called “Little Paris” and beautifully illuminated in evenings. This unique combination of old-fashioned style and ultra-modern style reflected in Bucharest women’s personalities as well. Here is what differs them from other Romanian girls living in smaller cities:

  • They speak better English.
  • They are more into nightlife and partying.
  • They are more independent financially.
  • They care about their appearance even more.
  • They dedicate more time to the gym and outdoors.
  • They are better educated.
  • They are more open-minded in a relationship.
  • They are more international and you have a bigger number of common topics to discuss.
  • They are less in hurry to create a family and have kids.
  • They are less dedicated to their men and more to their careers.
  • They prefer to go out for dinner.
  • They care more about a man’s status and his success level.
  • They wear designer brands and spend more on shopping.

The list can be continued but you caught the main idea. Bucharest Romania women have their pros and cons in comparison with countryside habitants but it’s definitely more exciting and challenging to date them. Many Western men report they felt like real hunters while courting the Bucharest girls. The girls were pickier and more analyzing but had a better knowledge on how to treat a man, they were very inviting but limiting at the same time, flirting but a bit cold, they seemed to be open-minded about quick sex but in fact, rarely allowed that. They were less concentrated on their personal problems or wishes, didn’t discuss their families all the time and preferred more intellectual, cosmopolitan talks.

Bucharest Romania women

It’s always harder to find a virgin or an inexperienced girl in a capital than in a small and distanced town. At the same time, they know better what they want in life, and what kind of men excites them more. A Romanian girl for marriage protects herself from casual flings and likes to test a man with multiple questions, seducing behaviour and a special eye contact, to check his typical reactions and define whether he would suit her as a husband.

But as soon as you learn more about each other and get closer, your Bucharest girl will start showing her classical traits such as care about her parents and family members, her religious beliefs, her hopes for a happy marriage and healthy, well-provided kids. You will quickly see that deep inside, she is no different from other Romanians and wants very simple things in life. Just her standards are higher and she requires much more from herself and her future man.

How to qualify those tests and become her chosen one? We’ve got a few helpful tips for you!

  1. Demonstrate your success in every way you can, without being arrogant or cocky. Make an accent on your family values: tell your Romanian beauty that everything you’re ever going to have, will be achieved only for sake of your future wife and children. It will make her heart melt.
  2. Bucharest women are ambitious, even when they seem to be obedient and domestic. Promise her you’ll have a common family business one day and her budget will be separate. Optionally, you can tell her you’ll never limit her professional or career aspirations even when the kids are small. You’ll figure out together how to keep all that in balance. She will highly appreciate your words and it will bring you much closer.

Romanian girl for marriage

  1. Although Bucharest Romanian women aren’t the most jealous among all the other nations, they are still very proud. Never ever tell them about your multiple girlfriends or a very rich experience in relationships. It’s better to say you stayed with only one woman for years but since she broke your heart, you’re waiting for a special person to start everything from zero. She’ll be touched for sure.
  2. Don’t let her be bored. She’s a metropolitan girl! The list of city events should always be at your hand. Pay attention to both cultural events and just anything fun that you could do together. Never tell her you usually have no time or funds to visit your own capital or city center often enough. It will scare her away. She likes being in the thick of things.
  3. You should talk about your mother. A Romanian girl for marriage is very sensitive to this subject. You should let her know you always care about your mother, take her out when you can and help her make her ends meet when needed, but you aren’t a mommy’s boy. You live independently since your youngest years, you know how to cook, clean and do your laundry, and you take serious decisions in life without anyone’s help. That is a wise double move that will bring you her respect and tenderness.

Now you know so much more about Bucharest women and your chances to win them skyrocketed. All you have to do is chosing the brightest girl out there and starting your communication. The rest will be done by nature and hormones!