What Makes a Real Woman Look Like a Transgender?

How does the term transgendered “real women” differ from the common term “transsexual”? First off, “transgendered” is a term that is used by those in the alternative lifestyle and by many who are diagnosed with the condition. It is used to describe a diagnosis where there is a clear indication that the patient is experiencing some degree of gender identity disorder. For many years, this term has been used to describe those who are suffering with non-conformity with stereotypical gender roles.

real women

A “transgendered” person may well be interested in knowing what “transgendered” actually means. The first point to remember is that the term is not exclusive to those who identify as” transgender” or those who have a desire to be, or want to be, a “transgendered” woman. In fact, just about every woman who dresses, acts and thinks in a typical fashion exhibits some element of what can be described as a “transgendered” trait. That does not make them “transgendered”, but they are a real woman! In this article I will briefly outline three areas where a “transgendered” woman might display some of the above traits.

Every woman who is attracted to men and who identifies as a “transgendered” woman usually has at least some degree of physical attraction to other people, some form of self-consciousness about her appearance. That doesn’t mean that she desires to get involved in sex with every man who crosses her path. What it does mean is that she has an attraction to some people who aren’t her size, her gender, her body type or her skin color. While there is nothing wrong with being attracted to and interacting with men who are “bigger” or who are “athletic”, it is possible that these men have something more going for them than the superficial aspects of their body structure.

Every transgender person has a strong sense of self, a strong sense of her own unique personality. A “transgendered” woman may identify as a “woman who likes to be a man” or as a “woman who likes to be a woman.” This does not mean that she is attracted to men, only to those whose perceived gender identity matches hers. In many cases, a transgender person will pursue a same-sex partner because she feels an intense connection to another transgendered person, whether they are aware of it or not.

Some transgender people choose to wear clothing that doesn’t look like typical “girly” clothing. Trans women can choose to wear long skirts or pants, skirts that are cut higher on the hips than they are on the knee, even low-cut blouses that show off their midriff. Some trans men prefer to dress similarly to the way that cisgendered (naturally feminine) women’s dress; however, when it comes to the genitals, they want to look and feel like a woman. While some women choose clothing styles to look like a man, trans men often do the reverse. So you can be a man trapped in a woman’s body if you choose to be a transgender.

In addition to clothing choices, some transgender people have sexual identity issues. The need to indulge in same-sex sexual activities is something that can drive a person to try to cross over with another person. However, crossdressing is not the same thing as masturbation or exhibitionism. People who have this issue are actually trying to live a more authentic life – one in which they present the same appearance that most women do: a beautiful woman with a man’s body.

So, what makes a ‘real woman’ – the term used to describe a transgender person – different from, say, a male model? Trans women do not suffer from a lack of female beauty. They simply choose to live differently, identifying with their gender identity and spending their lives as a “woman” inside every woman’s body. Every woman has a perfect body just waiting to be filled with the promise of endless youth, a perfect smile that lights up a room, or the body of a hot, gorgeous man. A transgender person’s idea of a perfect body is based on his perception of his true gender identity.

Every woman has the potential to be a ‘real woman’. Transgender people just have to find their way into the minds of enough women and make themselves desirable. No matter how beautiful or desirable they are on their outside clothes, a transgender person can never be what he thinks he is because he is only looking inside. Every woman has a potential to be a real woman, but every woman also has the potential to be a transgender woman.