Why would one have his best hookups in Stromness: Top travel secrets

Stromness might be the most beautiful part of the Orkney Islands. No wonder single tourists are also interested in getting laid and discovering local attractions for adults. Here’s some experience for you.

“Stromness may seem to be a small and authentic place not meant for sex tourism. But it’s a very wrong stereotype”, Timothy shares. “I travel there often, and never ever leave without a hookup. Look for a date at best app dating.

The very first tip I’d give, catch the hot female tourists who want a photo of them. Then help them to take it, and your first move will be made. There are several best places to pickup like that.


Famous Skara Brae is one of them. Then Ring of Brodgar, Skaill House, Yesnaby Cliffs. It’s totally enough to provide you with sexy chicks of all ages, at any day or season.

Do not forget the indoor pickup in Stromness though, it’s also very promising. The Pier Arts Centre, but most of all, Orkney Brewery are always filled with curious personals ready to flirt.

Like in any other town, pubs place the first position in the list of pickup spots. Ferry Inn is a leader, since there are private rooms too”.


  1. All of these places will have a culture of open communication and encourage conversation among the members.

  2. While there are no absolute guarantees, the best ways to meet women are the ones that you love doing.

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