How To Kiss A Girl First Time On Lips – Step By Step

kiss-a-girlDo you really want to kiss a girl? Well, kissing a girl on lips for the first time can be both nerve wrecking and rewarding.

I know you want to kiss a girl.. But, not sure whether she’s interested or not. Or may be you don’t know how to kiss a girl? If she is the one who is more excited in kissing you, then its really a great experience for you.. But, What if she wants you to initiate first? Here’s what you have to do to kiss a girl first time on lips..

First things that you should keep in mind before kissing a girl

1. You need to be alone – This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind before kissing a girl.. If its your first kiss with your girlfriend, then she will surely want that in a private.. If you’re going to kiss her in front of your friends, then she will surely think that you are just trying to show her off.. Girls take the first kiss very seriously and you should also take care of her.

If you’re with a group of friends, ask her to come along with you for getting something.. If you’re at party, you can ask her to come out of the party hall and get some air.. If you’re in school or college, you can ask her to help you out in another block (make sure, the place is always empty).. Even, you can drop her home after party, school, college or at work.. And the best thing is to ask her out on a date!

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2. Make her feel romantic – Another thing you need to take care of is to make the atmosphere romantic around you. You can make her feel romantic by doing such things i.e sunset viewing point while both of you are on terrace.. Similarly, full moon is equally romantic.. If its raining, you can find shelter under a tree or even in a car.. If its a night and you are dropping her off, you can easily rely on street lights.. Make sure you, there’s a less light to make her feel romantic. Candle light dinner is one of the best thing you can have to make her feel romantic…

3. Things to talk before kissing a girl – Boys always fail to talk right things and lose the hope of kissing a girl in the end.. If you want to kiss a girl, you have to talk about romantic things without spoiling her mood.

Things to talk about – Talk only about her.. Give her compliments like she is looking stunning.. Or her smile is completely dazzling.. You have to talk about how beautiful she is to make her feel special.. Also, you can ask her interests and thoughts.. Just keep on communicating about her.. You can talk about things you both have in common.. Ask about her favorite destinations, hobbies, experiences and lot more..

Things not to talk about – Don’t ask her about other girls or guys.. Seriously, don’t ever start this topic or you will lose yourself… Also, you should not talk about things you don’t like.. May be she likes those things as every one has different choice.. Also, you should not talk about stuffs that you discuss with guys such as sports, cars and other things..


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4. Giving compliments in a right way – Don’t tell her that she has a brilliant smile.. Instead, you can tell her that her laughing voice is the best sound you like in the whole world.. Also, make sure you don’t compliment about her private parts such as b00bs, a$$ etc.. Only stick to her eyes, hair and smile if you want her to feel romantic..

5. Kissing moves – Now, you need to check whether she’s interested in kissing you or whether she wants you to kiss her..

So, what you have to do is to hold her hand. You can hold her hand while walking next to her.. Casually grab her hand while walking side by side.. Or even you can hold her hand while you are sitting together..

Another way, you can check her is by putting your arm around her shoulders.. If she’s sitting close to you, go ahead.. You don’t have to feel awkward while doing so.. All you need to do is to rest your arm lightly on her shoulders.. If she comes closer to her, you can hold her more firmly.

6. Note the signs before kissing – Every girl shows similar signs before kissing a guy if they are interested.. She might wants to grab your attention, blushes when you talk to her, bites her lip when she is nervous.. She is responding to your touches. She glances at you, and quickly looks away when you see her.

These are the signs that shows she is interested too!

7. Start with a small kiss – You can start with kissing her hand.. And then take her in your arm and kiss her on cheek. Make sure, you are kissing lightly..

8. Go for lips – Before you are in to kiss her, make eye contact and keep moving forward towards her at a slow pace, so that she has plenty of time to back away.. Stop before you are going to kiss her on lips. If she backs away, don’t force her for kiss.. You can try again another time.. If she closes her eyes, you can go ahead and kiss her.. Make sure, you tilt your head slightly so that nose doesn’t collide

You don’t need to be aggressive or unskilled.. Keep the pressure as soft as possible.. If there’s any sound, you should swallow some saliva while kissing..

9. Make her feel comfortable – While kissing, use your hands to make your kiss even better! Firstly, grab her hands and put them on shoulders.. Its an easy way to get her more closer to you.. After putting her hands on your shoulders, you can put your one hand on the back of her head, so that they’re tangled up in her hair. And keep your other hand either on waist or on her shoulders.

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10. Things to do while kissing a girl – I know you want to breathe.. So, you don’t need to stop while kissing her.. Instead, do it in a romantic way.. You can pull your lips away and put your cheek against hers.. At this stage, your mouth is next to her ears.. So, you can tell her how amazing she is.. Another way is to pull your lips slowly and smile at her while looking deep in her eyes..

If you’re ending the kiss, run your fingers through her hair.. Hold her hand and kiss the back of her hand.. You can do these things and end the kiss on a positive note that you are looking forward to next time..

Have you learnt – how to kiss a girl on lips?

Good Luck!